NED..but need advice

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Got my 1st CT scan after 3rd round of chemo and came back NED !Now I'm preparing for when I'm out of chemo in 3 months. For those of you that are stage IV and NED...cheer me up !!!!I'm so afraid to be out of treatment.Rigth know I'm doing a lot of visualization and meditation Of course I'm going to church and I'm also trying to eat my fruits and veggies. ( bought the it at Walmart a lot cheeper )I'm planning to drink TONS of vitamin C. It's all plans, but I still get very depressed.Thanks to my husband that believes that i'm 100 cured, I get a lot of cheers when I'm down...but still cannot feel positive, which should be 50% of my keep a positive mind at all times...You guys that have been NED for a while after treatment give me some strenght !!!!!
Thanks again....


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    I live each and everyday with my NED - and love it! My life is simply much happier assuming I am cured. I think yoga and meditation help.

    I try to look past the cancer diagnosis.... I look and feel healthy, no one would ever have a clue I am a stage 4 cancer survivor.

    Live each day to its fullest. I treat all my scars and treatments as extra life. Even my ostomy never got me down because without it, I wouldn't be here.

    It is hard at times, but I smile more proudly with my NED status. Yes, my hubbie believes more than I do also.

    It isn't easy at all. The hardest part was probably finishing treatment and passively waiting. The treatments are our weapons. Evey part of this disease is terrifying.

    Be strong. We are here with you. Do something wonderful for yourself once the treatment is done... something to look forward to.

    We are all with you. jana
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    Boy, can I relate. I am/was stage 4, went through 7 months of chemo which ended in Oct. '04. While I didn't enjoy chemo, the thought of going off was scary. I want to be very proactive and now I am just waiting, which is not something a proactive person wants to do. Kind of a helpless feeling.I am doing the PET and CT scan every three months. So far, so good, NED and CEA at 0.5. I'm even getting my port removed tomorrow, another scary prospect. BTW - Great news on the scans coming back NED, a very good sign. Mike