Secondary Cancers

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Ive read of a few of you having secondary cancers after battling Hodgkins and I was just curious as to how many of you out there have been diagnosed with a secondary cancer - nonrelated to Hodgkins? This is just out of curiousity because I know that cancer survivors can be more prone to getting diagnosed. Im a year and three months out of treatment for Hodgkins IIa and was just wondering how common it really is!


  • kiren
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    Hi, I am in remission from Hodgkins 11B 6years now. 6months before I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. I pay attention to any changes in my body now so thankfully it was in initial stages and minor surgery took care of it. Docs say that I wasn't a candidate for tongue cancer which usually occurs in older people or those who drink or smoke. Docs couldn't determine the cause and neither is it related to HD or to the treatments I received (ABVD+rad in chest area). My advice to you is that you don't need to panic. Just be happy and as they say "take one day at a time" and enjoy your life. I was a worrier too and mostly worried about HD coming back but now I have realized its no use worrying, I should rather enjoy the time of health that I have. I just focus on paying attention to my body and notify my doc if any change or if I am worried about anything. My doc also encourages me call him if I feel uneasy about any minor thing. I have seen people on this site who are long term survivors without any secondary cancer. I hope this helps..and be happy!!
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    I was diagnosed with stage II Hodgkins Disease 31 years ago at the age of 10. Except for removal of a non-cancerous thyroid cyst 16 years ago, I have not experienced any secondary cancers. Because I was treated with some chemo and high-dose radiation throughout the neck and chest, I take three daily doses of Sialor. The drug is manufactured in Canada and is used to treat dry mouth. It is an over-the-counter medication reported to reduce the propensity for lung cancer. I drink a lot of green tea and try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables (including broccoli).
    With recent treatment breakthroughs, survivors of Hodgkins disease will likely live a longer and higher quality life. Due to muscular/skeletal problems, I do experience limited pain each day. I also celebrate each new day. I have been married for 17 years, have three healthy, natural children, and just finished law school after working 14 years as a city manager in three communities. I now work full-time operating two corporations I formed which manufacture and distribute a natural hemostatic bandage product which I invented and sell to the military and medical professionals. I may not live as long as non-cancer survivors, but I have strived to make sure that my life will make a long-term difference. Do the same and be thankful for your current health and modern medical technology.
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    i was in remission from hodgkins for seven years. i was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer (probably from the radiation treatments). i would suggest that you just stay in tune with your body and always see a dr. if you have any changes or symptoms of any kind. otherwise, keep a big smile on your face and go on with your life. karin