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For any who are interested I just got back from ACS National Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. I went there for a training session to become a stakeholder and sit on the Peer Review Board for the 2006-2007 sessions for grant application review. It was a wonderful opportunity to see how the ACS spends its research money. I was very impressed with the process by which they review and weed out all of the applications, and by their efficiency in selecting what is truly the most promising applicants. They definately select the "cream of the crop" based on innovative ideas, feasibility, relevence to cancer treatment, and individual support and merit. In the past 50 years ACS has given grants to numerous individuals; 38 of those such persons have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work in cancer research and discoveries.
Pretty impressive I thought!
I go back in June to observe the process of peer review and hopefully will make the "final" cut as a stakeholder. I'll certainly be glad to keep all informed if interested.
I know cancer is big business, and the ACS is big business, but I gotta give 'em this...they are doing a heck of a job with the diligent spending of the research dollars. Definately getting the most out of the dollar and making great strides to convert this condition into a "chronic disease" as opposed to a "death sentence". I have come away with a new found faith in the ACS and feel very good about their stewardship of donated funds. Now the rest of the "business world of cancer", well I guess I am one of those "I'll believe it when I see it." The ACS on the other hand will deliver a better return on money invested. Ahhhh, rather nice to have some faith restored!
May God bless you all.


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    Actually I couldn't think of anyone better for the position.I've always been inspired by your words of wisdom.Keep us posted!
    Bless You and Happy Mothers Day!
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    You've always been an inspiration to me. Ever since I first read your postings. You are one of the most qualified people I can think of to be on that board. Congrats. and God Bless
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    I know you will do a great job on the Peer Review Board. Good Luck & please keep us posted.