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Help! My pet scan came back with a spot on base of spine. Two rasiologists think is is scar tissue. Another said it could be arthritis. I have no pain, felt fantastic til this, but now my mind id is shot. Have another MRI on Tuesday but not sure I will last that long mentally. Please help.



  • Sullivan
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    hi barb,
    i feel that way at times also. i dont know how i make it through but i do. one min. at a time i guess. we have strength beyond our comprehension. call it a higher power (i believe in the god of the earth, sun, moon nature) im not a christian, but respect all religions.
    but we get boosted by a sunny day, the smell of someones fresh mowed lawn, the wind upon our faces, nothing better than a slow walk thru the woods...i try and rest during the day, i have a swing out back that i sit in and just listen to the sounds around.
    when im feeling overwhelmed by a drs. visit i may sit in that ol swing all day into the night however long it takes me to overcome that feeling of hopelessness and scared. i refresh and try again sometimes i dont do all that well but i keep swinging and listening!
    give it a try and let me know if it works... good luck pattie sue