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Morning. I am waiting for results of a FNA done on Thursday. By accident, I found a 1-3/4 cm X 1-3/4 cm lump in my armpit last Tues night. It cannot be felt lying down or when I have my arm up in the arm has to be down by my side in order to feel it and it is way down in the pit. I think I stopped breathing when I felt it. Thank God I had an itch that night as I was sitting watching tv otherwise I do not know how long it would have been until it was found. I just had a mammo, sono and physician exam 3 months ago, nothing was felt or found. The radiologist on Thurs told me it would take a week for results and she told me "to prepare for the worst". She dopplered it and saw that it has a blood flow. She basically scared the crap out of me and without saying the words told me I have the cancer back. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen? 8/02 dx with invasive ductal carcinoma and extensive dcis, her2neu3+, hormone negative (cannot take hormones), grade 3, stage 1, w/comedo necrosis. lumpectomy, resection and 42 days of rads. NO CHEMO. Thanks, Diana


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    Hopefully this will not be cancer. I had a lump that I found after I healed from surgery. Nothing was done about it until after chemo and rads. The lump was on the opposite side from the rads. I had had a double masectomy to start with. My oncologist didn't think it was necessary to do anything about it, but a local surgeon felt it should be checked out further. I was glad of that as it worried me.....go figure. This lump turned out to be a lymph node that had innocently filled itself in. They couldn't tell me why this had happened but as long as it was beneign that was all I cared about. Hopefully this will the case with your lump as well. It is so good you found it and got it checked out right away! Knowledge is power is this situation.