Vaccine Ingredients

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I'm participating in a Vaccine trial, and they are extracting my white cells-(Dendrites) and mixing them with "Cancer-Related Proteins" to make the vaccine, which they hope will Jazz up my immune response.
Are there any scientific types here that can explain what these proteins are and where they get them? They gave me the names of the compounds (?)
that they are using, but they are not in english..
I will provide e-mail or phone No. if necessary.


  • Kanort
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    Hi Bud,

    I haven't a clue, but I pray that it is successful for you.

  • HowardJ
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    Hi Nanuk,
    I'll try to help out. Let me know what the compounds are and I'll see what I can find. Either e-mail or post here. Also, the consent form you signed (I'm assuming you did since it's a trial)should explain some. Also let me know the protocol number and sponsor (both should be on the consent form).