sister keeps loosing weight

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Hello All, I do not get to post as often as I would like. I do log on everyday and read the posts from work, seems working, having a baby, and everything else I just can't find the time to sit down as often as I would like to post. I am sure you all can relate.

My sister is now down to 97.5 pounds. She is on Xeloda only. My parents and all of us are sick with worry. Does anyone know how I can get my sister to eat? When she is hospitalized she does what the doctors say, eats right and walks. When she is released form the hospital she continues for about 4 days and then she stops. I am so afraid...

I know that it must be so hard for her to eat when she feels so miserable. The doctor here cannot start her on a regular chemo (IV) until she gains weight.

If anyone has any creative suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

God Bless you all


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    Hi there,

    I am so sorry for your sister's weight loss and for your concern.During my first sessions of chemo, I lost a lot of weight. The only things which helped were decreasing the chemo doses and the additon of a bit of Decadron - which helped my appetite. Does your sis respond to anything special? I did a mashed potoatoe dish with buttter, garlic and goat cheese that I liked well enough to eat a lot of.....also turkey and avo sandwiches....It sounds weird, but if thereis something she likes....maybe she will eat a lot of it!!

    I hope I am being of some little help to you. Fresh air may stimulate her appetite; maybe just leaving the house may help.

    Keep us posted and best of luck....
    Hugs and prayers,
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    eating is always a problem while on chemo; why not try some different foods, or ways of getting them down? I found that shakes were easier to take than solid foods during chemo, and you can mix good stuff with the other stuff-(vitamins,etc) and get
    the needed nutrients. It's easier to take what you don't like if it's disguised in a tasty milkshake.
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    Hi Chutney,
    Boy, i wish I had the magic suggestion for you. I don't. I remember how frustrated my hubby would get with me while I was going through chemo/radiation cycle. Just the thought of food would make me sick, let alone trying to eat it. I will repeat what others have said. Talk with your sister and find out what foods she is most likely to eat and prepare those for her. If she's not on anti nausea drugs have her get some suggestions from her doc and take them regularly. Another thought...there is a marijuana derived pill that is supposed to improve appetite...might be worth asking her doc about it. I commend you for all you are trying to do to help your sister. Keep letting her know how much you love her and want to help her, but don't nag too much. It's hard, but sometimes you just have to step back.
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    Hi. Oh, I wish you all the best with this issue. There are various commercial products available, which you have probably heard about. I never had any luck with them while I was on chemo -- I think they taste foul -- but there are various tricks that can help (like semifreezing or adding stuff). There was a recent discussion on this topic on the united ostomy association ( general discussion board. As others have suggested, I was able to find a few rather idiosyncratic foods which helped me through -- highly caloric. As others have said, the exact foods are probably highly personal -- something/ a few things may work very well for her. Do her chemo nurses have any any suggestions? Sometimes they can be a wonderful source of information.
    Best wishes to you both,
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    Hi Chutney, I was on Xeloda and I truly hated to eat while I was on mego doses. Try chicken soup. As others have stated here.. find out what she can tolerate and go for it. It's hard... that's a real tough one, I know. Good luck and keep us posted. ~ Wanda
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    I understand completely! What surgery has she had? A lot of the energy has to go to heal the wound. She is on the appetite meds? Right????? What about supplemnts? The ACS website has a section that I printed off re: how to increase caloric might check that...I am with you...I really don't have the answer. Mom is eating more and feeling better, but she too is losing about 2 lbs every 2 weeks...........
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    chemo takes away the appettite-- make sur she eats well in between. More frequent small meaols-- have favoirte foods on hand. I eat a lot of sweet potato-- carrotts mashed and othe mashed foods that go down easy-- oatmeal and Yogurt sometimes when I can take cold food only. Hope you find what works for her. blessings, neelieC
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    Hi Chutney, I know last year when I lost so much weight after surgery, that while I was still in the hospital they gave me TPN in IV-it has a lot of calories and all the vitamins and nutrients you need. Only problem with it is, that it raises your blood sugar, so I was getting insulin shots quite frequently. It seems that since she is down to 97.5 lbs that they would be trying something like that. It took me months after leaving the hospital to get my appetite back. Now I'm having chemo again and have lost my appetite. I take spells where i want to eat and it's then that I take advantage of it. I wish you and your sister good luck in finding something that appeals to her. She is lucky to have you and your caring so much about her. Keep us updated
    Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)