What chemo does not address

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Hello all you wonderful semi-colons!

There seems to be a bit of disease going on around here lately. Chemos not working, tumors coming back, spreading.....etc.

My heart sinks everytime I pop on a thread and read the news. I pray for you all daily. I really truly do. And I believe in the power of prayer. I really do. But.....

I want to share something on my heart to all my brothers and sisters in the semi-colon club.

Colon Cancer is caused by dietary reasons 80% of the time. Added to environmental toxins (especially in the food we eat) and it can trigger the disease. As we know, it chooses any age.

When we go to the doctor, our oncologists (I happen to love mine)(ok not like *that*) prescribe a treatment that focuses on killing those dangdarn cancer cells. Of course it kills the good ones too and opens us up to all sorts of other ills.....as many of you have experienced first hand.

But mine, and I assume most of yours, never encouraged me to change my lifestyle, diet, nothing! Remember we are talking about an intestinal disease--so obviously what we put into our bodies that travels through the pipes must be pretty darn important. So why do they not address this? Because they focus on the "medical" aspect of our "disease".

I encourage many of you who are experiencing a recurrence or spread of cancer to rethink your approach to healing your body.

A fabulous book to read is Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil. We really need to address the fact that when there is cancer in the body there is an imbalance somewhere. I hope that you all in some way seek to find the reason and when you find it to work on healing it.

We all think we are eating healthfully but are you still eating sugar? It depresses the immune system. Sugar is in everything!! Are you eating junk food? Are you eating too much meat? That puts your body into an acid pH state and cancer just LOVES acid to grow (sugar is acid forming).

Are you in a toxic relationship? Are you trying to do too much? Are you working too hard? Are you trying to ignore the fact that maybe your body is trying to get your attention? Maybe it's stuffed emotions that need to be released. Maybe it's a forgiveness issue.

Are you exercising? Are you getting out and getting fresh air or are you still trying to be all things to all people and finding that at the end of the day you made no time for yourself?

If you choose to go the chemo route I truly hope that you will augment your protocol with a strict pure diet of fresh organic veggies, fruits and whole grains, flax oils and lots of antioxidents and probiotics and enzymes-- no dairy, no red meat, NO sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol, no cancer feeding foods whatsoever.

There is so much you CAN do even when the doctor may be telling you, "we've done all we can".

I just wanted to share this. It is part of the journey I took when I received that shocking news that I had colon cancer. I have 5 kids and at the time my baby was 20 months old.

This week I have been doing a liver cleanse and feel fabulous and full of energy. A clean liver is so key to battling cancer and staying healthy. A clean gut is key to warding off ALL diseases.

So what are you putting into your system? Life and Vitality Foods or Death and Destruction Foods?

I hope this doesn't sound like a sermon. I don't mean it to....I just love and care about you all so much and it grieves me when there is sickness.

A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm--read it!

peace, emily whose lone voice is now joined by another :-)


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    Emily, I just want you to know how grateful I am for your voice on this site. Thank you.
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    Hi Emily, No... don't think it sounds like a sermon. Sounds like you are a very caring person & would like to see everyone here step up to the plate when it comes to taking charge of their nutrition and healthy lifestyle if they haven't already. I'm working on it. Still waiting for the book I ordered on line.. Beating cancer with nutrition. When I go to the cancer center, I see patients that have brought their lunch. Wendy's.. Mc donalds... Also, there's a table set up of snacks for the patients to eat if they want... cookies... candy... cakes... it doesn't make any sense to me. I think these patients just have no idea what feeds cancer, and I'm just as surprised that it is allowed. I'm stunned that there isn't nutritional professionals at cancer centers guiding the patients and working with the oncologist??! One thing I have learned like you Emily, is that we have to educate ourselves and take charge. We have a much better chance to pull though and feel great when we do. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.. hugggs Wanda
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    HI Emily,

    Well....you hit the nail on the head with your sentence:
    "There is so much that one CAN do when the doc says he has done all he can."

    I have heard - more than once - that MDs take very few nutrition classes...and I am sure that it is true. Maybe there is also lack of "bedside manner' - or real-life communication instruction - as well!

    It is really beneficial to look at our life as a sum of its parts....like a pie chart....and really look at diet, exercise, realtionships, spirituality, conflict, joy,....help me here..there must be more!
    If we would honestly fill it in we might see how well we do take care of ourselves...our whole-selves.

    I appreciate your posting....it isn't just about the fact that you have changed your diet...which is wonderful....but about the fact that you are looking at your whole being...and looking to what you can do outside of the doc's box...creating your own master plan! And for the most of us who are still paying close attention to the doc, there is no reason not to integrate a lot of your thoughts and ideas..either now or for post-chemo.

    I don't find you as much of a lone warrior as you think!!

    Cheers and thank you for the posting....
    I thnk we sometimes need reminders that the doc's are not truly "Our Holy Grail". As important as they may be, our own thoughts and actions are important to our well-being. And besides, I think cancer can be as scary for them as it is for us!