Please help only 23

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Hi good-people of the earth
my name is Nina- are there people put there that have cured there Hodgkin's using 'alternative' treatments? It has spread in many-many of the tissues of my body. My family is tierd of helping me (it's been 8 months since I havn't felt well) and I have little of my own money or access to welfare of any kind yet.

I am looking for people who would be willing to share or buy radionics machines with me. I am fairly certain that I would not live through standard chemo and have had messages from above that I am to try without it.

I have done an extensive amount of research and would appreciate some friendly experienced minds and hearts, I am very alone, but never truly because I can hear the universe rooting for me, but still- has anyone beat this naturally?

If you have anything very negative and forboding to say - please refrain from posting a reply- as I have enough of this kind of influence already.

god bless everyone of you-
may you have sufficient for your needs



  • npranis
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    i have recently been diagnosed with non-hodgkin's peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. i too am looking for a natural way to beat this. what have you done to this point in treatments?
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    Hi nina,
    I'm only 23 as well and know how tough Hodgkins is. I didn't go the natural route but kind of wish I did. My mother is a master herbalist and was a little dissapointed. But alternative treatments can be very very expensive as I'm sure you know. Depending on what state you live in you can apply for Medical/Medicaid and it will help with doctor bills, ect.
    I did meet a wonderfull women on this site who has cured her cancer naturally. Her name was 2bhealed and her CSN website is
    She didn't have Hodgkins but I'm sure she can help you with advice and such. Sorry I couldnt help more. Good luck! You seem to have the right attitude and I know that will make all the difference.