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Re: Firefighter just found out t-3 rectal
Message: I just wanted to update everyone on john's recovery. I am his wife cheryl and I found this site for him when he was first told of his cancer. he had surgery on april 13th. they did a resection through a incision from his breast bone to pelvis bone. It was cancer and he does have to have radiation. as of right now we are waiting for the final pathology report to determine if he needs chemo. he is home now from hospital now and goes back to see dr on monday to have staples removed the best part of this whole thing ( he was really worried about) is he did not need a colostomy bag or even a temporary one. I want to thank everyone for your support and words of encouragement you have given him it has really helped alot for him and for me. all of our prayer for you and your families as well as my own. thanks cheryl


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    ...and we'll be right here supporting both of you through all of his treatments! Glad the surgery went well. If you have any questions that we can help with just come back to this site and we'll do the best we can.. luv and prayers ~ Wanda
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    Hi Cheryl and John.

    I'm glad the surgery went well. I had the same diagnosis, surgery and didn't need the colostomy.

    I had to do radiation and chemo before surgery ( to shrink the tumor), then chemo again to get rid of any little buggers hanging around in my blood.

    Chemo sucks, but I'll glad they treated me they way they did. The post surgical chemo is kind of an insurance policy for me.

    I wish you well and hopefully he won't need the chemo. I found radiation to be a piece of cake. (other than the hour long commute each way for a month) No terrible side effects . ( other than the instant menopause, which John doesn't have to worry about)

    We are here for you. If you want to e-mail me, I'm here.

    Love to you,

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    Thanks for the update. Glad the surgery went well. So glad to hear the excellent news that John didn't end up with permanent or even temporary colostomy. (I did, and it's fine, but not what anyone would wish for!). Hope the radiation goes fine. Please let us know about the chemo. If he does end up needing that, I know you will both get through it together -- and you have lots of support here.
    Best wishes,
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    Cheryl and John,

    We will all be here for you through John's treatment and recovery. Let us know how you both are doing and please know that you are now in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Hi Cheryl and John,

    Congratulations on a successful surgery!

    Congratulations on no colostomy bag (although Andrea is so cheery about hers it has made me far far less afraid of this outcome)!

    I tried to walk as much as possible following my surgery. Good for the gut as well as the spirit. I walked (well, shuffled) two hours a day in the hospital and kept on as much as possible afterwards--it REALLY helps!

    Keep us posted on the pathology report results.
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    Cherly and John,

    Great to hear that the surgery went well!!!!! Cherly, I only know to well how you are feeling being in your shoes. My Bob also was happy that he didn't receive a coloscomy bag. Mentally that helped him so much!!!!! You BOTH just take ONE step at a time!!!!! Getting him back on his feet is the next step!!!! Keep him moving as my husband Bob refused and he ended up forming a blood clot which broke lose and landed him back into the hospital.

    Remember to take care of yourself as I know to well what a toll this will take on you if you don't!!! It is so GREAT to have the man we love home!!!!!

    Please take care of yourselves!!!!! If I can help let me know!!!

    Best Wishes and Prayers and a BIG and BRIGHT shinning rainbow heading your way!!!!!