Dad was Stage III now Stage IV

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Since the chemo has spread he will probably have to do chemo again, will it be the same chemo as he had for the colon or will it be different, will he loose his hair? He forgot to ask the doctor the question at his appointment. I hope not but if that's what it takes then no biggy. God, I really do hope he comes out of this alright. I still can't believe he has cancer and it's been over a year.


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    It will probably be a different chemo regime which may include what he had before, but also includes an additional drug or two. There are several options out there. His oncologist will talk to him about the options. I'm not sure if all of them cause hair loss. I know Camptosar caused hair loss for me.
    My prayers are with you.
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    Hi there, I would write down all those questions then call the Dr's office and ask to speak to either the Dr or the nurse about the new treatment plan, and side effects it may have. It might also be calming for you to speak with a nurse or therapist that can help you deal with your anxieties better, and reasure you that your dad can make it through all this. Hugggs honey ~ Wanda
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    As a child, I understand the panic in you! How I have stayed grounded for long period of times---GOD is my source. There is more new drugs out there so he might not take the same drug...again Mom is on Avastin and seems to be doing well. I know hair loss is a big thing...but he is a man and it is more accpetable for a man to be bald in our society than a woman. Think of the positive...Mom is starting to thin...she is very self-conscious loss vs. Mom living! Not a hard question for me. None of us want our loved ones to suffer----believe you me, I KNOW...but this disease really makes us put things in perspective. HELL, I would shave my head(it is down my back) if it would make MOM better. Hang in there. Take a deep breathe and fight one battle at a time.
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    I am so very very sorry to hear the bad news. My dad is also stage 3 and a recurrance is my worst fear. You and I are kind of in the same situation so I can definitely relate. I too have a beautiful little girl who just turned 4 and she absolutely ADORES her pop pop. She, along with myself and of course my mom and brother, would be devasted if anything ever happened to my dearest father.

    I know you are going through an extremely hard time, but just try to stay positive, for your sake and your dad's. You and I both know that there are many many stage 4 survivors both here on these boards and out there and there are still many things that can be done. It's far from over.

    Please keep us informed and I will definitely keep your father in my prayers.