Finally eating fairly well

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I still don't have saliva...but have managed to learn how to swallow with only a small amount of liquid. My taste is back to around 80% and I can eat hot and spicey foods! I actually have an appetite! That's the good news. It' the steroid I am on...the bad new...the steroid is for the mass they found in my brain a week ago. Am hoping for Gamma Knife surgery.


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    Hey Old Hippie! Great news on being able to stuff your pie hole with good food finally, huh!? Tell me about some of your favorite foods! By the way, you say your tastebuds are back to about 80%, how long has it been since you finished your therapy? I know I stuck my finger in some of my favorite salad dressing and a little Chinese hot mustard and, I'll be damned! I could taste them! Still kinda subtle, but I could taste them just the same! I can't wait to start cooking AND EATING again. As far as the brain mass goes, you'll kick it's A*S just like you did your throat cancer!
    GO GET 'EM!

    All Good Prayers & Blessings!
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    It's nice to hear that you are doing well without salivary glands. I completed radiation and chemo 11 months ago and still have not gained any use of salivary glands. Do you have any tips on swallowing with just a small amount of fluid? I go through over one gallon of water each day just to eat.
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    Sorry it has taken so long to reply...I have been fighting a couple of tumors on my brain...but just may have gotten them licked: had a craniotomy and removal of one of the tumors on the 3rd of May, then Gamma Knife surgery on the void and on the other tumor on the 9th. Follow-up MRI's every three months and they will "zap" anything new that appears. ANYHOW, my taste buds snuck back up on me slowly and all of a sudden I was at 80%. Swallowing is easier if you take smaller bites and are eating moister foods. I found that something I had trouble with last week went down fairly easy this week. Progresso soups and Campbells Chunky are a God send. I found I can tolerate "hot" foods...salsa for instance, on an omlette makes it much easier to eat. Just avoid the dry stuff that you used to like...keep exprimenting for new favorites. I go through two glasses of milk with a normal small meal. That is another thing I discovered. Just put a small amount of food on your plate...the large servings intimidate you before you start.

    Hope this helps.

    Peace, love...and God bless you.