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I had a port put in on Friday morning. It is below the collarbone about an inch and the tube goes across the collarbone to the jugular vein. It is still quite painful, and I'm getting a pain in the chest. Is this common, and how long will it take to get used to. The tube sticks out very pronounced in the neck. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Kandy


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    Hi Kandy,

    My port was located right under the collarbone also. It is very annoying at first - but after you get used to it, you will be very glad you have it. I had occasional pain with mine, but you should check with your doctor for all discomfort with a port - do not hesitate because of the fear of blood clots.

    If you are thin the port will seem more pronounced. I felt like my stuck out so far that everyone saw it - but they didn't.

    Take care and make sure to tell your doctor of all discomfort with your port.

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    Hi there Kandy,
    I am sorry that the placement of the port is so painful. It was for me as well. For some reason, my surgeon started the tubing up by my collarbone, but my port is lower - right on my breast...yes, very sexy (more like OUCH). I had a ton of bruising and pain....but it did heal. Give your doc a call to feel more secure. I called him and he mentioned that he wanted a very tight pocket...maybe that is why it is so painful.

    I agree with Kerry, if one is thin, the darn thing seems so pronounced. The good thing is that it makes receiving chemo pretty simple for the nurses. I don't have a tube sticking out though...it is like a circular thing (about 1inch in diameter)...my doc calls it a Rollo - like the candy! Not quite as sweet....I feel it sometimes, like a weird discomfort....but so far no problems (had it now for three months).
    Keep in touch. It does heal..and it will also come out at some point!
    Best wishes,
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    I did bother me a little bit the first week or so...then, you won't even remember that is there.. ( kind off ) :)))))) You will be glad you have it on...Good luck !
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    Keep in mind they separate the muscles to insert the port - it will hurt like a torn muscle for awhile. I could not pull a shirt over my head or lie down for at least a week without pain. I also noticed that I could not lift weight (i.e. a heavy pan) with the related arm for awhile. I'm not sure about the tube - mine went down not up- the port itself will be swollen for awhile (mine was a double so it was even bigger) - my young nieces thought I had an alien under my skin! You'll forget about it quickly- mine made my life sooo much easier during chemo and radiation that I never regretted getting one. Definitely do touch base with your doc if you're concerned though.

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    Dear K,
    Mine was put in just under my right collarbone. It looked like the tiny tub of butter you get at a restaurant. I'm not that thin and I still felt like mine was sticking out from under my shirt. It was annoying at first, but I learned to love it when I needed things done that required sticking me with a needle. When I had it removed, which took all of 6 minutes or so, I felt a tremendous relief. But, with it gone for the last 5 months, I still get a sore feeling sometimes where it was. Plus, I got a couple of keloid scars just to remind me it was there. I wear a tie at work and the tube seemed to press against it sometimes, but all in all, as everyone else says, you will adjust and probably grow to like its convenience. I used to describe it as the medal we all were awarded. Like the cancer it isn't visible to anyone else, but we know it is there.
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    Hi Kandy, I couldn't believe how uncomfortable my port was at first...it would wake me up at night if I rolled the wrong way, for a few weeks. Once it healed, it was really no problem and MUCH better than the round of chemo I took straight into my poor veins. If you are having pain in other parts of your chest, not just over and under the port site, I would be sure to let your doc know. A few months later, I did develop shoulder and neck pain, classic symptoms of a clot (not a very typical problem, but it can happen) Hope you heal soon, Judy
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    I've had my port for over a year. It's in my upper left chest and the catheter goes up by my collarbone and then down to my superior vena cava. I have never had any pain from it; in fact, I consider it my good friend.
    I couldn't imagine getting an IV in my arm or the back of my hand every time I got chemo.
    Be nice to your port and it will be nice to you.