recent diagnosis of rt breast cancer for my husband

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I would like to find someone that has been diagnosed with papillary breast cancer that my husband could talk with and feel supported in dealing with this disease. I would be interested in hearing from any spouses that have had a husband diagnosed with breast cancer as well- I want to support my husband as best I can -not too much support available when you are a man diagnosed with breast cancer -at least not to the extent present for women- any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well-thanks


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    I was diagnosed & treated 4 years ago. Mine was left breast & had spread to 2 nodes.After mascetomy & chemo have been in remission.If treatment is indicated don`t delay.
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    Hi there. I'm a 75 year old, active male who was diagnosed with breast cancer in mid Feb. 05. I had a simple Mastectomy on March 31 to remove a 1.3CM Carcinoma. Two Sentinel nodes were negative and all margins were clear. The Tumor was Estrogen receptive and I was put on Tamoxifen. I couldn't handle the side effects and got off it two weeks ago. I'm awaiting a decision by my medical oncologist as to what course of treatment, if any, is now necessary. I am having a recurring problem with Seroma building up in the cavaty where the breast was removed, but other than that, all indications are good.
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    My name is Monica. My husband, Paul, was diagnoised not long after yours. March 6th, 2004. He is 59 now and doing well. He was diagnoised with infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Stage 2, grade 3. No cancer in the nodes. He had three rounds of chemo. He was on tamoxafin but didn't like the side effects and quit. He has been clear since. His last appointment was in August. He goes every three months. The local newspaper and tv station did a story on him because so few men are willing to speak about it. We participated in the Komen Foundation last year.He was the only man there wearing the pink shirt! He got a lot of support from the women there and was asked to ride in the pace car befor the race. He meet our govenor who is a breast cancer survior herself. I would like to know how your husband is doing.