After Taxol?

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I had my last taxol on 2/16. (after 12 taxol, 6 a/c) Now I'm wondering how long it takes for some of the side effects to go away - especially the swollen feet! Dr. gave me a diretic(sp?)for it but they are still swollen. What about eyebrows? I'm so tired of drawing them on! Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Kathy1108
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    Hi Jill, I did not have swollen feet when I had the treatment of taxol. I had to tingly and numbness in my toes. My doctor told me that it would take a year before this would go away. The tingly is gone but unfortunately I still have some numbness in my toes and my last treatment was 10/03. I can't tell you exatly how long it took me to get back my eyebrows because I don't remember. I don't think it took too long though.

  • lindatn
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    Cong you have finished! I did not have taxol just A/C but those eyebrows and hair should be back in about three months. I finished the end of August and by Christmas I had a nice head of hair bit short but thick and curly! After two and a half years it is down past my shoulders and only wavy like it always was. The curly stuff drove me crazy! Take care eat healthy leave the sugar, dairy and red meat at the store and you will soon be just fine. God Bless Linda
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    Hi, I had my last taxol on 12/3. my toes on my left foot are still numb and I do have some swelling now and then on my left foot. My eyebrows came back right away, it seems, and I have about 1 inch of hair.