NH Lymphoma & Breast Cancer Survivor

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Today was my first treatment for antiplastic large cell lymphoma - CHOP - I will be getting a treatment every three weeks for a total of 4 treatments, followed by radiation, I am in Stage 1.

In May of 1989 I had breast cancer with a mastectomy and 6 month of chemotherapy. I never missed a day of work during the entire treatment, I did feel sick at times but I think working helped keep my mind off of other things.
Has anyone had this experience, breast cancer and then lymphoma 14 years later.

I have an excellent oncologist and can only accept the fact that I have to deal with this, I would rather for it to be me that my son or daughter or my grandchildren.

If anyone would like to talk my email is gloria4546@msn.com.
I wish all of you the best and God bless you,
I believe I am at peace with my cancer.


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    Dear Gloria,
    I too have had NHL and breast cancer. I had NHL in 2001, with 6 chops and 4 rutuxin. I then had a melanoma discovered and removed in 2002. In 2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I received surgery, chemo and radiation. I finished that treatment in the fall of 2004. I can surely understand where you are at. I am not currently showing any signs of recurrence. It got harder the third time but somehow I found the strength to get through it. I wish you well and hang in there. Write if you feel like it.
    best regards,
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    I have been searching for a person who has had a similar experience for years and have had no luck. I was diagnosed with breast ca in Aug. 0f 1989 and with NHL 1998. I have low grade and it is just a wait and see situation. I did not have chemo or radiation for either, but was in a protocol for tamoxifen only. I am followed by a hematoloist oncologist. I had a modified radical mastectomy with no recurrence of breast ca. I really dont think about it much. I work full time and am very busy. It is always somewhere in the back of my mind but I don't dwell on it. Would love to talk. Will try to contact you on your email address. best wishes!
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    Hi Gloria..I to have had NHL DL B cells /and Breast cancer..Was Dx with BC in 1996 and three years later with the NHL..Had Chemo, and radio,and Mas for the BC,all is going well there.Have had Two different lots of chemo for the NHL chop and after a relapse DHAC and Beam and a stem cell transplant Autologus,so far so good...fingers crossed..I was told by the cancer place in the UK(england) that it was kinda common to get Breast Cancer after contacting NHL,but not the other way around !I also have got lymphoedema after all the treatment for the BC it is a pain..and nothing can be done for it,makes it kinda hard to buy clothes to fit.with one arm so big the other small..but I manage.Feel free to contact me here when ever.Oh yes I am in Australia..so things are a bit different here ,eg like the names for drugs etc..
    I wish you well in the treatment,and know that you will soon be up and fighting fit!..
    Hugs and prayers..
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    what is CHOP??