goin awol

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Yup..but got a note!!Sorry all but my son needs a 2 week holiday so I am travellin 150 miles in the mornin at 5.00 am ....it is now 11.30 pm!!!
I need zzzzzz's so you forgive me for not staying. Stay safe and well all..as well as can be expected. Thinking of you all. I will be gorn 2 weeks but home w/ends so will try to get here on the weekend. Lotsa luv n huggs...."hold da fort Sponger!!!"
kanga n Jen


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    hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip. come back safe and refreshed both you and jen. while you are gone i will be back for my second surg on my left lung. have a great time.

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    I'll miss you but you need to go be with your son. Try not to worry about us while you're gone and just enjoy yourselves.
    Love, Judy(grandma047)