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I had posted a question about my mother in laws side effects from the surgery. She is now back in the hospital and they found fluid surrounding her stomach. She went into surgery yesterday so they could drain it out and they are still doing it today. A lot of fluid. She is suppose to start chemo on the 15 of next month. We are trying to find the best place for her to recieve the treatment. We are located in the east bay, Pleasanton. California. If anyone has any recommandations for where to go it would be a great help. Or how to look up some different places. I have tried to look up some stuff but must not be looking for the right thing.
Thanks for the help.


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    Hi There,
    You should see if any hospitals in your area are "National Cancer Institute Hospitals." These hospitals have access to the latest treatments and technologies. If you go to the NCI website, you should be able to do a search of hospitals in your area. Something else to think about....see if you mother in law qualifies for any clinical trials at these hospitals. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3c OVCA in August. She has been in a clinical trial since then and is doing great. Best of luck to you and your family!

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    Why isn't your MIL being treated at the hospital where she had her surgery? Her doctor should be overseeing the follow up. I had my treatment at home via a home infusion company. It was arranged through my doctor's office and insurance covered it. I live in New York City, but I'm sure there are providers out where you are. You should ask your MIL's insurance company & doctor. Best of luck to her.

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    I agree with Carebayer. Go the the NCI website and try to find a Comprehensive Cancer Center near your area. They are the best equipped to handle whatever your mother-in-law needs. I think quality of care is very important, even if you have to commute a bit.