pet scans

chrissyshaw Member Posts: 2
Hello, I have been told that a pet scan can show other things besides cancer. Has anyone else ever been told this?


  • stepet
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    HI Chrissy, I was told that pet-scans show activity which is considered abnormal to the cells in the body, so cancer cells have a high activity during a pet-scan. I had a pet-scan 3 months after finishing my radiation treatments and the scan still showed "activity" and they told me that is was from the scar tissue trying to heal itself. I have since had pet-scans which have shown nothing. I go back for a 1 and a half year out pet-scan on Wednesday. Always a tense time. Also don't excercise before the pet-scan the activity in the muscles can change the test results. I hope this helps. Good Luck Sandi
  • tinadadamo
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    I have had PET scans show gall stones and an enlarged spleen.