plz reply i need to know ASAP

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i am a 17 yr. old girl i live in canada and i was on the health region site to find out why every 20 minutes i needed to go pee it only said bladder cancer my mom had lung and brain cancer and i have been thinking maybe it passed to me i am just getting over a cold that i have had for 2 weeks syptoms high fever, sore thorat, dry cough, hot and cold flashes. but still i need to get opions on it plz reply

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    don't panic. i don't know where you looked but there are many reasons for frequent urination. just go to a doctor and i think that you will be greatly relieved to find out it's something that can be easily taken care of. find out and post your good news. i was diagnosed last july and had absolutely NONE of those symptoms that you described.