treatment success for small cell lung cancer

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I just wanted to give people a ray of hope. my mum was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in september and has since had 4 courses of chemo (in-patient) and 5 weeks of radiotherapy to the right lung. she had limited stage and her doctors told her they hoped to cure her. on christmas eve they told her the result of her latest xray, which appeared clear. she has just had a ct scan to the head and is about to undergo preventative treatment to the brain- 18 radiotherapy treatments. i did a lot of research and she is also taking carctol(, ip6 and fruitforce( she has more or less sailed through the chemo and radio apart from constipation and sore gullet due to radio. her doctors are delighted with her progress and her spirits are high. we have also been to the homeopathic hospital and she is to get iscador (mistletoe injections)she does not know whether to take them as her lung appears to be clear of cancer.
i have read a lot of really sad stories on the internet which have panicked me greatly but i really feel there is hope for people out there and indeed my mums treatment is working well. good luck to all of you who are affected by cancer and i hope you have as much success as my mum


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    was wondering how your mom is doing - I just stopped radiation on my brain. How did she do through the treatments?
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    was wondering how your mom is doing - I just stopped radiation on my brain. How did she do through the treatments?

    hi there
    my mum is doing realy well. she was very tired after her radiation to her brain and is now only getting her energy back. we went for her xray 2 weeks ago and it was clear. her doctor was very happy and so were we as you can imagine. my mum is still taking carctol, ip6 and fruitforce. she is also getting injections of iscador. we are trying to get the dose right. on the whole she sailed through the conventional treaments and felt that this was because of the complimentary therapies. although i am very worried about her, i think we need to try to relax now and keep going with the complimentary treatments. my advice is never give up because everyone is an individual and its up to you to fight the good fight. also, try to relax as often as you can and take yourself out of stressful situations. i have great faith that things are going to be okay and ill keep you updated
    the docs also say that my mums hair will take months to grow back but she is happy with her wigs for now. she always wanted a wig!!
    Make sure you relax and dont over-exert yourself . you should also think about the remedies i mentioned. conventional doctors will say 'well if it makes you feel better' but i believe they do more than make my mum feel better. she is better

    take care and sorry for the delay in answering you