basaloid squamous cell carcinoma

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i cant seem to find much info on this particular cancer it started in the piriform(sp) sinus and spread to his larynx now he has 9 hot spots from a pet scan in his lings. i am 28 and he is only 42. any advice would bw greatly apprecited, we have 2 small children and need advice on how to deal with them.


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    Hi, I can't help you with info about squamous cell carcinoma but perhaps you can find some information here at the CSN. Is your husband in treatment now? I have a rare cancer that started when my kids were only 3 & 5; they are now 20 & 22. The best advise I can give you is to try to explain to the kids that their dad is sick, the doctors will treat him and he might be sick for a while. Do not say their Dad is going to die. When kids to not know what's happening, they imagine the worst. Kids in general are pretty smart and compassionate when they understand what's going on. You do not have to give them a lot of details, it depends on their age.
    Your family will be in my prayers.
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    In May of 2004 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in the piriform sinus that had also involved one of my vocal chords and one lymph node. I began treatment on june 1st, 2004 at the Cleveland Clinic here in Ohio. I decided against surgery and recieved concurrently 6 weeks of radiation (twice a day, 60 total) and two 96 hour chemo treatments (week two and four). I then had one small surgery to remove a lymph node in November that ended up being non-cancerous. It was very difficult but I made it through it and in Novemeber my cancer was pronounced to be in remission. I have finally begun to feel like myslf again and will return to work next week. Thre is a lot of advice that I would love to email you and your husband. Things that will help with his comfort. My email address is: Send me a line and I will respond right away with some tips for geting him through this. My prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.