Prostate Cancer Prevention

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My husband is at high risk for Prostate Cancer since it runs in his family. Our doctor recommended a wonderful vitamin which helps prevent Prostate Cancer. It contains Zinc and Selenium which studies have shown have reduced the risk of developing Prostate Cancer. This formula has apatented form of Selenium and Zinc. Needless to say my husband just got tested again and is still Prostate Cancer free. I wanted to share this information for prevention. We order it at read the section on Men's Health


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    Hi Zoe,
    I would ask what your husbands age is? To say that he is "completely cancer free" could be a little misleading without some of the pertainent detail facts to say the least. I would also recommend that anyone wishing to pursue the zinc-Selenium treatment also check out this web site:
    Good Luck, Benji
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    My husband is 49 and he is cancer free. We have been blessed with this. The vitamins really have been helpful and I highly recommend them. Good Luck to you :)