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I know this sounds awful but It is nice to know that there are lots of people who know exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through. Thank you to all of you who responded it means a lot to me and I pray for all of you as I do myself. I must admit that despite a few outbreaks of tears and stress I am quite amazed at how I am coping with this. I have never once said why me as I feel as though is wrong, why should anyone have to go through this, I am no different to others. Anyway I am very thankful that I have an amazing husband of nearly five months (got married in July 2004) and he has been fantastic. I also have an extremely supportive family and friends. I also truly believe that the best advice is to find out everything that you can about your illness, I am stage 11a nodular sclerosin non-bulky. I have been reading all about chemo, side effects, all that I possibly can, I even bought a few files to put all my research in. It does help when your doctor is explaining what will happen and you fully understand what he is telling you. Sorry for going on but It is really therapeutic to be writing all this. I have been trying to think of a positive for every negative and even my mum has been helping me with this with the hair loss (my greatest fear) when she said "well it will grow back really thick", bless her. Hope all of you are well and I thank you again for you comments and support, I am there for all of you as you are for me. God bless,



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    Hi. I am so glad you are doing ok. Keep up the good spirit. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins stage 2 B 6 years back. I was treated with surgery, chem and radiation. Just like you I had my fears but I never said why me because I looked around me at the people I love and they had good health, and I think its easier to be suffering then to see a loved one suffer. Anyhow I did go through it all boldly like you and did my research too. I had really long beautiful hair which I dreaded to loose and cried for it. But then I knew that it is just hair and will grow back and it did start growing even during my chem. I hope my story helps, now I have long beautiful hair once again and I am in remission from Hodgkins.
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    I am entering 30th yr of remission/cure from Hodgkins. Life is great and your experience will teach you important things. Good luck.