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Hi all, I haven't been on in about a month. My first chemo was Nov. 1st, then the 2nd was the 22nd. The first time was awful. Took all the medication and still threw up. The second time wasn't so bad, but still threw up once a day for 3 days. Then just Mon. I was throwing up all day, hoping it was a flu bug and not chemo after effects. Lost all my hair, wigs are awful, but can't walk around with nothing. 2 more treatments to go, can't wait for it to be over. My implants are still being filled, slowly now I feel like a teenager again. LOL
Hope you all have a good Holiday Season!!!


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    I hope you've talked with your doctors about your response. When I talked about nausia I was given stronger drugs. I really don't think you should be throwing up all day if you're taking the right anti-nausea drugs. I'd call the oncologist every day if I was throwing up every day. My prayers are with you. I guess you are comforted by knowing it's not long. You must be on dose dense treatment. I only had chemo once every three weeks so maybe mine wasn't so bad. Anyway, you're in my prayers. You'll get through this and look back on the time without hair as a blip in your life. Sandi
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    Hi Karen, my name is Audrey. Chemo really does suck. I battled a 6 mos. treatment and none of it was fun. As for the wigs, yuck!!!!. I found that a simple bandana worked great. People still stared, but I really don't care what people think anymore. My last chemo was in Nov 2003. It was the last time I wore a bandana. I was bald as Yul Brenner!(old actor) My family were the comedians. Bald jokes help! As for the nasuea, yuck!!! too!! I found Quiet Time! I know it might sound ridiculous but if you take time to meditate (no chinese therapy needed) Just sit calmly in a comfortable spot and listen to things around you, quietly (no Van Halen music please) The calmness will sooth your body. Good luck with your treatments and my prayers are with you!
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    HI, You should be feeling pretty good this week. Chemo does indeed suck as does loosing hair and being tired and throwing up really stinks. It will soon be over, do you have four rounds or do you have taxol also awaiting you. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Two and a half years since I was there so guess it was worth it, remember this too will end! My hair is very long again after being too curly it is back to being wavey. Came in grey and somewhere along the line is back to being brown, I have no grey hair at all and am 61 so maybe the new hair was worth while. Blessed Christmas. Linda
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    Karen, So sorry you're having such a hard time. I must have been blessed because everything I'd heard about chemo was worse than the reality for me. I took Anzamet for nausea and never threw up once. Wish you could have been that lucky. I actually found myself feeling safe and protected while the drugs were being pumped into me. I watched all the hair on my body fall out then had trouble with mouth sores so I knew the AC was working. Mixed feelings when I finished chemo as if I might be vulnerable to the cancer again. It's been 18 months for me and I don't feel completely safe yet.
    I hated wigs too so ended up wearing either a doo-wrap or a baseball cap. The brand new wig I bought is still in it's original bag.
    The best news is you're halfway there. I'll keep you in my prayers.