Can chemo really be fattening?

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Has anyone else gained weight immediately following chemo? I am putting it on in a hurry, which has erased the svelte new figure I had acquired after losing 38 pounds the hard way.
Seriously, I wonder if my appetite has been effected. I stopped chemo about 7 weeks ago. My surgery was in May, followed by the chemo all summer and into the fall.
Anyone else experiencing this? It can't be very healthy for anyone, especially any one on this site can it? Thanks.


  • jana11
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    My onc told me it is very common. Same thing happened to me. I gained about 5 pounds the week after my chemo stopped.
    You are not alone. Just eat healthfully. j
  • taraHK
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    I also gained quite a lot of weight after finishing my chemo. I thought maybe it was because of my "instant menopause" (as a result of radiation), the medicine I'm taking (Celebrex ??), or maybe giving myself a psychological "cushion" against any future problems. However, I've finally accepted that whatever the reason is (and I'll prob never know), the solution is the same: eat less, exercise more! Now I just have to do it!

    But I am interested to learn that others have experienced the same thing. My surgeon did mention to me that a lot of her patients gain weight....

  • aspaysia
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    My weight dipped down in the double digits (I am 5'7") It was difficult gaining it all back but I managed. The first ten pounds took one year. The next ten took six months. Ten more came back in three months and twenty in the next three. Now I am my old plump self but cannot blame it on chemo. More likely it is due to mainlining Belgian chocolate. And scoring praline and cream ice cream on the weekly trip to Harris Teeter. And visiting relatives in Montreal, the city of three thousand restaurants. My favorite deli serves potato verenikas smothered in carmelized onions with sour cream on the side. Lots of sour cream. I just put on five more pounds writing this.
    My oncologist lectures constantly about getting more exercise. I asked him if staying up all night counts. He was not amused.
    Aspaysia who promises to do better after the holidays.
  • tkd3g
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    I've got you all beat. I gain weight while I'm ON chemo!! I joke with the nurses that I'm the only one I know that can gain weight on chemo.

    Actually, they said it's not uncommon. With all the great anti-nausea drugs now and a couple shots of steriods...where are the Doritoes!!!

    I continue to do my martial arts and keep everything in check.

    Keep moving and shaking and eat in moderation.

  • cheer3
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    Oh My can it ever! I was size 8 when I started I still hate to say it but size 16 was tight when I completed. I was upset at first, My oncologist said there is nothing you can do about it, don't worry. I had to remind myself often the good side of the treatment. I wanted to get well, and I have been in remission 15 months. I was stage IV
    The good thing about my weight gain,now I am up at 5:ooAM five days a week to walk four miles and healthy enough to do so.
    Blessings to you,