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My mom has stage 3 Fallopian tube cancer which is treated just like ovarian. She finished her first round of chemo and her Ca125 is 55. Her Doc said no more have plateaud. Her doc wants to just check her levels in 3 mos and then if the ca125 elevates, do chemo again. My mom is very depressed that she is not in the normal range and is taking a break from treatment. We live near Cleveland Ohio and need to know if anyone has any experiences (good or bad) with the Cleveland Clinic or the Ireland Cancer Center. She wants to get a 2nd opinion, however, feels overwhelmed as to where to go etc. Any advice or personal recommendations would be great!!!!! Thank you!!


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    mymombblb, Most of the women in my support group have been treated at the Cleveland Clinic, and I haven't heard any negative comments about it.

    I had surgery in Pittsburgh and chemo at a local cancer center which follows the Cleveland Clinic's protocol and works in association with the Clinic.

    Her doc probably feels that the chemo she was having was no longer having an effect on the cancer, so you really should find out what the alternatives will be. 55 is a little high, but not astronomical. CA-125 levels can be thrown off by a number of situations, some not even related to ovarian cancer.