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I had a lumpectomy this past May,stage 1 with negative lymph nodes and margins. Had chemo and just finished my radiation, starting tamoxifen. When should I get my next mammogram - doc's didn't say yet. My lump didn't even show up on the mam,so should I just rely on breast exams? I don't have an appt. with my oncologist until february, should I see someone else sooner? Just freakin' out a little.


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    Different docs do different things, but my first post treatment mammo was ordered by my radiation onc at my 6 wks followup after the last rad treatment. I was told after that my next one would be 6 months later. Have you had a new baseline mammo since surgery? If so they probably won't do another for 6 mo. My tumor also didn't show up on mammo, but I feel we need to keep up with them anyhow. I've been reading a lot about breast MRI in high risk patients or those with dense breast tissue, but my doc says insurance won't cover it yet--still too experimental! Good luck to you and God bless, Di