Inoperable Prostate Cancer

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My husband is 56 and has been dx with pc right after I finished treatments for bc. He had a psa of 49 and gleason score of 8 or 9. We were told it had already spread outside the capsule so an operation was not an option. He had a month of radiation but his psa gradually started to climb back up. He is getting zoledex shots every three months except for this past visit last week, he decided to try 3 more months making it 6 months between shots instead of the three. Does anyone think there is harm in going six months instead of three? Anyone out there have the same problem but being treated differently? Thank You!


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    My Gleason score was 9 and psa 23. I took 40 radiation treatments after one shot of Lupron in Jan.03. My psa dropped then tripled 6 months later and then stayed the same 4 months beyond that. I dont have insurance so Ive had no more shots or treatment. It makes no difference going 3 or 6 months according to my urologist and I have been 22 months since my only shot. Im sure I will have to start chemo next year at some point if I choose too. I am 53 years old so I can relate to what you go through. You can e-mail me at if youd like to. Best Wishes. Mark