breast/port necrosis

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Good Morning, I would appreciate any info or help on this subject. Breast cancer, port insertion in Aug. Chemo overdose Aug. 11 and more surgery on the port Aug. 13th. Shortly after developed breast necrosis around the port area. Now, I am experiencing severe topical burning and skin blistering where the necrosis is located. Can anyone help me with understanding what the burning is and how to relieve it. The area of the necrosis is causing me a great deal of pain as well as limited movement. Please share any experience with breast/port necrosis. Relief of pain, longevity of necrosis, relief of topical burning sensation and peeling/blistering of skin. Thank you. Bfc


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    Hi. I'm a bit confused when you say you had a chemo overdose and then surgery 2 days later on your port. Did something happen during your treatment on the 11th with your port? Perhaps it didn't work properly and the chemo leaked into the surrounding tissue and that is what is causing the necrosis and the burning? What is your oncologist saying about all of this? I haven't experienced this so I have no advice for you other than make sure your doctors are fully informed and ask them questions until you are satisfied with the answers. Hope things improve for you.