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My mom was just told that her cancer is stage IIB. It was in both ovaries but all her other biopsies were negative. She starts Taxol/Carboplatin next week. She will have one session a month for eight months. Any insight into what she can expect would be appreciated. Thank you to all of you who have had my mother in your prayers. She came through the operation well and just had her staples taken out. She is moving around pretty well and relieved to have that part behind her.


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    Kendall: I was stage 1C, also had total hysterectomy, omentum removal, and one lymph node. Anyway, it is important for your mom to build herself up now - good nutrition, PLENTY of rest, lots of water, and exercise if possible. Please feel free to e-mail me if you want a more comprehensive list, but here are some of the things she MAY expect: mouth sores (use Zilactin, it's great!), change of taste or no taste (you just need to eat anyway regardless of how you feel), some nausea (unless her doctor is as thorough as mine and gave me premeds and meds for home, I had no nausea to speak of), possibly neuropathy as time goes on (burning and pain in limbs due to nerve damage which may go away but is also helped with L-Glutamine and protein and B-6), loss of hair (nothing you can do about that - just have a turban, scarf or wig ready if that's what she wants to wear), fatigue (they'll be watching her blood levels and might give her treatments for it if necessary), long chemo sessions (if they were like mine, 5-8 hours!), so bring something to read, watch TV if available, crossword puzzle, CD player with soft music choices, snacks, blanket, or anything else that makes her comfortable. There are some other things, but this is probably overwhelming. So, as I said, if you'd like I can give you some more tips on what to eat, etc., although they will probably tell your mom also.
    Our prayers are with you and your mom and family. A positive attitude is VERY important. Your mom has a good fighting chance - the cancer was contained and has not spread and the chemo treatments are very successful. Please keep in touch!
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    Thanks for the update. We will continue to keep your mom and you in prayer.

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    Monika's got a great list for chemo take-alongs. I used a CD player with headphones, because the staff at the center that I had chemo at had music that they would play (we all have our own tastes). I took slippers to change into because my chemo went through the winter, and I didn't want to wear my boots all the time.

    I wasn't advised as to what (if any) food would be available at the center. They had some snack items, but if you might want to ask what's available. I generally brought a little cooler with a sandwich, snacks, fruit, pop - anything I thought I might want.

    One thing that I found just awful was abdominal pain from my intestines. I warned my friend who had OVCA about that, and she had the same experience. I felt it was so bad I was going to have to go to the E.R. at first, but I waited to discuss it with my OB/gyn, and she said it's expected, and to take a stool softener. Not a lovely subject, but I think it's important to know that it's probably a normal reaction to the bowels being touched and moved around in surgery.

    You may want to read "Gilda's Disease" by Dr. Steven Piver. I feel it's one of the most easily-understood and thorough book I've read about OVCA.

    Your mom's stage was low, and it's good that she's moving pretty well. It wasn't that long after my surgery that I was given the o.k. to go bowling - although I was very careful when I did!

    Best of luck. I'll keep sending prayers out for her!