Update on Bob!!!

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Hello everyone!!! Hope all is well with everyone who got the storm this week!!!!!!!!! WE had some flooding but could of been worse.

Bob and I went to the Dr.'s on Friday and unfortunately they told us that there wasn't anything more that they could do there at the cancer center and that they want us to see a Dr. Meropol at the Fox Chase Caner Center in Phila. PA. They faxed all Bob's records on Friday for the Dr. to review. Hopefully we will hear Monday that we have an appointment. They are hoping that there is something that they can try in the experimental phase. Neither one of us reacted when he told us the news. I think that I am in shock. I don't know how to feel right now. I guess I am numb.

I am sorry that I couldn't give you guys better news!!!! I was hoping to say that they are close to having another drugs available.

I will post later when we find out what is the next step for us!!!! I know that everyone's prayer list is extreamly long but if you all can keep the prayers coming Bob's way I know that something good will happen!!!!!

Thank You all for your continued support!!!!!

Prayers and Best Wishes to ALL!!!!!!!

Bob and Sue


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    bob and sue,

    of course you are in our prayers. When I cannot remember all the names I just rely on God to know who I mean.

    I am so sorry at your news. At least they are willing to send you to someone they think may be able to help. They sent my sister home with no hope.

    There are other options and I will never stop presenting them for anyone who is interested.

    peace, emily who understands the devastation
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    Hi Sue, I'm sorry to hear of your news, but as Emily has said, at least the doc has given you another option. I wish you both strength, and of course you remain in my prayers. Judy
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    Dear Bob and Sue,

    Both of you are definitely in my prayers and thoughts. I have an uplifting story for you! On the day I found out about my mets., about a year ago, I met a young woman who had had chronic myelogenic leukemia. At the time of her diagnosis, this disease was apparently a death sentence. They could treat but not cure. She was on immunotherapy for awhile but it began to fail and the disease progressed into the accelerated phase. She had been doing her own research and heard of a clinical trial in Oregon working miracles! The test drug was putting people into remission left and right. She consulted her treating oncologist and he said there was no point in her pursuing the trial. She went anyways. She was treated with Gleevec (a breakthrough drug for CML) and she is still in remission, alive and healthy 6 years later. This is NOT an urban legend or a friend of a friend, I met a living, breathing miracle. As far as I am concerned, she is tangible proof that miracles do happen and a cure is just around the corner. IT happened to her so why not us? They are making astounding breakthroughs in CRC... We just gotta hang on tight (easier said than done!).

    Hoping your week-end wasn't painfully stressful and my fingers and toes are crossed for your news tomorrow.

    Lots of love and positive energy,
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    Dear Bob and Sue,

    We are so sorry to hear about news, but, hopefully, another door will open and you will hear soon about an appointment with the doctor at Fox Chase.

    Your family will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thinking of you.

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    Good morning Bob and Sue. I'm sorry that the doc wasn't more helpful to you. Try to stay strong in these times.

    I have read 3 of the books that Emily (2behealed) has suggested on nutrition being an alternative to chemo. They are VERY interesting. There is also an amazing story in Alternative Medicine ( on most book stores magazine racks) that tells of a woman basically on her death bed and how she fought back with a nutrition program.

    I have implemented some of the guidelines already and am adding new ones everyday. I am hoping to strengthen my immune system and get stronger to help my body fight the cancer and the toxic effects of my chemo treatments. I definately feel better with what I have added.

    I'm not the expert, but I'm sure Emily would be happy to speak with you if you want to give it a try.

    Best to you. You are both in my prayers.

  • Hi Bob and Sue;

    Please know that you have been and will continue to be in my prayers. I'm sorry for the rough punch that has been thrown away but like all have before me have already said, your doctor provided you with "other options" and didn't just send Bob home. Where there's life, there's hope and where there's hope, there is life. The cancer journey is extremely tough but I know you will both continue the fight full speed ahead.

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    Howdy Bob and Sue,

    Im sorry about your news, but look on the brighter side at least they are looking to find something new - even if its experimental, its better than nothing hey :)
    Keeping you in my prayers.