Smoker, tram flap?

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Im a smoker and my surgeon is considering a tram flap. Has anyone else smoked and had this surgery? If so, how did it turn out?


  • Stirfrye4
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    Hey Somkee, what is a tram flap? Is it because you happen to be a lucky person to get breast cancer, and now they want to take everything from you, maybe it will be "sex" next? Hey, if you survivor of anything, hey, lite up, and enjoy a Pepsi? Maybe not, hey I am listening.
  • KarenKL
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    That wasn't much help. Anyway, I was offered the Tram Flap and at one time I was told I was a perfect candidate for it cause I didn't smoke and am young. After having the delayed Tram Flap, my surgeon told me it wouldn't be a good idea to continue cause it would leave me partially diabled. Meaning I couldn't do sit-up, or bend over like before have a harder time lifting myself up etc.....
    This is the first time I heard they want to do it on a smoker. I was told smokers have a longer recovery and possible chance of infection. Now if it's true, who knows? Good luck.