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I pray for every CSN cancer patient and their caretakers every day.. talk to your god about us
every chance you get - we will overcome..


  • kangatoo
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    Me too Bud---in fact I hope he can read my typing mate 'cos there are so many of us here that names from the top of my head just do not come easy.Solution--kanga has a great big long list that is in my thoughts every minute of every hour of every day!!!!!
    BTW guys---my mum and dad are comforting all our friends who have sadly left us.
    Know that our "family" here has many kind souls looking out for us.

    Praying for you Bud--thinking of you in Texas.Be safe mate.
    luv kanga n Jen
  • spongebob
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    I'm there on my knees with ya Bud & Ross.

    - Sponge
  • Me and Bert three and four, Bud. Every day...not a single day goes by without such prayers...surely they cannot all be falling on deaf ears. God is kindess and compassion and I know he hears all.

    Be well.

    Monika and Bert