Chemo Embolism with Pulmonary HD

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has anyone had a chemo embolism and is it any better than radio and normal chemo? what are the risk factors? has anyone with pulmonary HD (and having been recurrent HD case) had this treatment. It's now being done in germany, I am trying to find out info for my boyfriend's brother. Thanks for any help


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    I'm not quite sure exactly what you were saying. My dad 71 suffered 3 small pulmonary embolisms from the Bleomycin in ABVD for Hodgkins IIA, non bulky. He was treated with warfaren and is currently on Coumadin a blood thinner. My dad has been in remission for a few months now. He is doing quite well. They had to remove the bleomycin after the 3rd cycle (6 treatments) he continued 2 more treatments w/o the Bleomycin. My dad did not have it in his chest it was in neck and armpit. He had 17 mantle field radiation treatments. The radiation made him tired and he lost his taste buds. After a couple of weeks after he finished his radiation , his tastebuds are coming back slowly. He is feeling almost back to normal. I hope this is what you were concerned about. Good luck to you and yes in Germany there is no FDA approval so they have a jump start on new drugs etc. and they are very on top of this Hodgkins. M.D. Anderson in Texas are well known Lymphoma specialist and Sloan Kettering in New York City. I do not see the need to go all the way to Germany, I'm sure we use the same regimens and have read updated literature on clinical trials done in Germany.
    Good Luck to you and I hope everything goes well. Hodgkins can be just as curable the 2nd time around. Email is