Funny stories

pickles123 Member Posts: 47
My friends and I were recalling my chemo days last night and I have a funny story I thought I would share with you all. After I finished chemo I decided to do some clothes shopping. I got all dressed up and carefully combed out my wig and put it on so I could shop at some of the ritzier stores. I picked out some things and promptly went to the dressing room to try them on. A very proper elderly sales woman showed me to the luxurixous dressing room and mentioned what pretty hair I had. I happliy began to try on dress. Well, I must have gained weight because I couldn't get the sucker off. I was in there so long the saleswoman probably thought that I had left. I heard the key turn and the door swings open to reveal me in all my splendid glory: the dress rolled around my waist, my wig now a tangled mass at my feet looking like some kind of animal, my mascara smeared, my angry scars fully visible and my bald head gleaming. I wish you could have seen her face when she opened the door!

I am sure that alot of you have some stories that are much more hilarious than that one so start sharing!


  • dpomroy
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    My "chemonesia" was particularly noticable in the area of dressing myself. On more than one occasion I hate to admit, I wore my bra backwards. In my defense it was the sports bra type, not something with actual cups; however it does reveal that I am not exactly very endowed. I even told the backwards bra story to someone and later found out I was telling it with my bra on backwards again!
  • amasurvivor
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    What a wonderful idea! "A cheerful heart IS good medicine". I wish I had some experiences as great as the previous ones, however all I had was children thinking I was a boy, and a young guy thought I was a punk chick (I didn't wear wigs). They did give me a chuckle at the time. I hope to hear more stories!