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Hi Guys,

Well I have had a bit of a tough week, my dad has been back and forth to the hospital but he is feeling ok today. He got a port inserted on Monday and he starts his first chemo treatment tomorrow. I feel pretty nervous for him just because I dont know what to expect. I just feel scared because at the moment he doesnt look sick yet but I know he will and I guess its the 'unknown' that makes you think too much. I hope he doesnt take it really bad:(

At the moment I understand that he is going to have treatment every 3 weeks over a 48 week period. He is going to the hospital for the oxaliplatin and then he will be taking 5FU tablets for 2 weeks at home, with a 7 day rest period. He is in a clinical study also which is trying out another type of drug, but I'm not sure what the name of it is yet. I dont know wether he will be in the 50% that use the new drug or the 50% who do not use it -I guess thats the point of the study. I belive it is not used in Australia yet but it is in the States. When I find out the name i will let you know just in case any of you guys have used it already.

Well fingers and toes crossed for the best!
Thanx for listening.



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    Hi Belinda, sorry to hear about your Dad. My hubby was dx's with stage IV in Feb. He is 42. He had his tumor removed along with some large & small intestine. He has been doing chemo since March and tolerates it very well (with port). Is the new drug you mentioned called Avastin? My hubby has been on this since April and is also tolerating well. The worst side effects for him are diarrhea and nasty taste in his mouth. He gets his Leukovorin, Oxiliaplatin & Avastin at onc office then has 48 hr 5FU drip at home. He does this every 2 weeks. He had PET & CT scans done last month with the results "no evidence of disease".

    We will keep you and your Dad in our prayers. Hope all goes well.

    Linda (Baltimore, MD)
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    Hi Belinda...print this and give it to your dad to read during chemo...

    I was stage 4 (notice I said WAS and not AM) as my colon cancer spread to my liver. I had 6 weeks of chemo and radiation (what I like to call the old "1-2 punch") and had no side effects at all. I never missed a day of work, and unless you knew what I was going through, people had no idea I was "sick." I was diagnosed at age 33, and that was 3 yrs ago. I also had chemo after my surgery (which was 10 hours, since I really wanted to get my money's worth!) for 6 months. I didn't have any side effects then either. The things to do to have a better chemo outcome are to

    1.) Drink a lot of water before and after chemo. This will keep you hydrated as chemo tends to let things run through you a little faster than normal.

    2.) Prior to starting chemo, you can get a prescription for nausea prevention, and can take it before the chemo "just in case." If you wait until you're already nauseaus, it'll seem to take forever!

    3.) Try to eat something bland prior to chemo. Don't eat your favorite food, as the taste may be compromised, and you will forever associate future eating of that food with this time in your life...and who wants THAT kind of souvenir?

    4.) Keep smiling! Yeah, sounds like kindergarten, but when life gives you lemons, throw a few at the neighbor's house to vent, then make lemonade with the rest. This is just one tiny part of your entire life, and you can get through it, I promise!

    5.) The port is wonderful! Your veins will thank you for it, and it's really quite painless.

    6.) Listen to your body. When you feel tired, relax. You do not need to be breaking any records with work or anything else...and don't worry, it'll all still be there when you're ready to address it. On the flip side, try not to become a statue either. A little walking or exercise of any type will make you feel better.

    Last but not least, enjoy your life. Don't let this whole experience invade your every thought. You will spend so much time "fighting the fight" that you will miss everything else while doing so.

    Ok, so there you have 2 cents worth to make things a little more bearable.

    Keep us updated,

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    Hi Belinda,

    I know exactly how you are feeling as my dad is in the same position. He is in surgery as I write this reply, having his port inserted. He will start his chemo on Monday which is the same combination that your dad is on, along with Avastin. I have a huge fear of seeing my father looking and feeling sick as he looks and feels wonderful right now. I fear that if the chemo makes him very sick he will say that he doesn't want to do it at all.

    Part of me feels that an alternative approach would be more successful than chemo. However, my father's cancer has metastisized to his omentum and I guess the chemo is really needed to reach those cancer cells. So, I will continue to research nutritional ways of treating him while he receives the chemo and I believe that will keep him stronger and healthier than doing nothing along with the chemo. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad. Maybe we can be of support to each other since we are dealing with the same thing.

    Best Wishes,
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    Let me start off by saying that I'm sorry about your Dad.

    I understand how you feel. My Dad completed his chemo treatment nearly two weeks ago (thank goodness). He was diagnosed with Stage III with four out of fifteen lymph nodes testing positive. He had six months of FOLFOX which include Oxalplatin, 5FU and Leucovorin(sp?). I am so glad that it's over!

    Stacy gave some great advice.

    I will keep y'all in my prayers.

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    Hello!!! How did your dad make out with his treatment today? I hope all went well!! Keep us posted!! Hang in there and take one day at a time!!! You are in my prayers!!! Sue
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    Ahoy, Belinda -

    Fingers & toes crossed for ou.

    Please take Stacy's ("the Enlightened One") advice to heart - she speaks truth.


    - SpongeBob
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    spongebob said:

    Ahoy, Belinda -

    Fingers & toes crossed for ou.

    Please take Stacy's ("the Enlightened One") advice to heart - she speaks truth.


    - SpongeBob

    Hiya Belinda--hope yu got my email ok. With Stacey and Emily's(2bhealed) advice you can be sure that infomation will keep coming to you.Anything that your dad needs re; answers/advice/support is just here for the asking Belinda--told ya so!!!!
    Of course all the other guys have a wealth of info too Belinda---and guess what--it comes free with lotsa luv as well!
    Oh--and if yu need a little cheer, just ask Spongebob---humour is his forte--a gentleman of "salty experience"
    luv n huggs--and a hugg from Jen for dad
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    Your Dad is really lucky to have someone so loving and caring as you to help him through this. I can understand how nervous you are for him. I too was also very frightened for my husband when he first started his treatment.
    I don't know if your talking about the new drug Tarceva. It is still in clinical trial. I just read an article in Time Magazine (june 21) edition on the new drugs for cancer treatment.
    Best of luck to your Dad and keep us posted.