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Been awhile since I posted but have a question for you guys.
Brief history: Husband had rectal cancer. Did rad/chemo. Had surgery in February. Did not need colostomy. Rad/chem shrunk tumor so it could be surgically removed. Path showed clear margins. Blood work always normal.
Husband is now on chemo for four months (2 wks on and 1 off)....
My question is this. My husband is now in month four of his chemo. It causes him to have diarrhea sometimes 3-4 times a day. If he uses immodiam (SP), he can't go at all, so he deals with the diarrhea. Last week we went out and my husband had a drink and we ate some pretty spices foods. The next day the diarrhea was pretty bad. The first bm was hard to pass for him. He noticed a small amout of blood on the tolet paper after two of the bms. The doctor said he is probably just torn from so many bms and not to worry. Not likely the tumor would return after only 5 months and that he is on chemo. Have any of you every experienced any blood in your bm while on chemo? Naturally my husband thinks the worst. Any responses would be appreciated.
Thanks and God bless.


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    I also have rectal cancer. I only received 4 out of 12 post op chemo treatments and had to stop because the diarrhea was so bad 30-40 times a day that I was hospitalized and had to stop. Radiation causes alot of damage and you can have bleeding from that. Sometimes now I have bleeding. My onc. told me it is normal from all that has been done to me.
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    After everything your husband has been through, anything is normal, but as a rectal cancer survivor, I know what you all are thinking. Just make sure not to pass anything off as "normal." Tell your onc, and if the blood doesn't resolve with treatments, tell your onc. you aren't not comfortable with it; see what the onc. suggests.

    Life after tumor resection with chemo is rough. I had rectal cancer, with surgery in Feb of 2003 - same treatments as your hubbie, but I have a permanent colostomy - which I have adjusted quite well too, but the chemo diarrhea is a pain in the butt!

    I did yoga and lots of walking as I gradually recovered and my surgeon told me my rapid recovery and lack of butt pain could probably be attributed to the muscle stretching. Pass the word on, I don't know if your hubbie would dream of yoga (mine won't go near it) but it really is wonderful.

    Best of luck to you both. jana
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    Hi. I have a similar 'story' to your husband: rectal cancer, chemoradiation, surgery, then 4 months chemo. But I do have a colostomy. During my post-surgery chemo, I had quite bad diarrhea. One time had to be hospitalized, and had a little blood in my stool. I was very freaked out, but the drs. didn't seem to be concerned. I've had tests since, including colonoscopy and CT scan, and all is clear. I agree that it is good to check these things out with your doctor (and normal to be concerned) but, in my case, it wasn't anything.
    It's been almost one year since I finished the chemo. It's beginning to seem like a distant blur.
    Best wishes to you and your husband.