It's hot and I stink!

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I'm new. I was diagnosed 7/5 and had a mastectomy with node removal on left side, 7/16. I'm doing ok after surgery, but I'm not supposed to use deoderant or powders on my left arm pit. It's been hot - in the upper 90s here, and I'm wondering what I can do? I can't wash as well as I used to (because the incision goes under my arm)Any ideas?


  • seeknpeace
    seeknpeace Member Posts: 259 my town, we have a store inside of our cancer center that carries a special kind of deodorant just for your case. Ask your doc, or one of his nurses. If all else fails, perhaps some talc?
  • hummingbyrd
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    There is a special kind of deodorant that's not a deodorant, but rather a crystal rock. Believe it or not it does work!
    The other thing that I discovered that works is using an anti-bacterial lotion, but check with your doc first!
    Good luck!
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    My husband installed a shower head on a long flexible tubing. It hooks into a stationary position, but you can take it off the hook and use it like a wand to squirt in whatever direction you wish. It is great.

    Plus, I bet you don't really stink. There are many wipes on the market to freshen up with. Find one you like that cleanses gently. That will do the trick!
    Love and hugs,
  • Rachel35
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    I can relate...Ask if you can used Tom's of Maine deodorant, it all natural. I was told to use it when I went back to work.
    I used Dove facial cleansing pads, smooth side only. Since I was told I could only use Dove soap, I started taking the pads with me to work. It helped on those really hot days.

    For the incision I use the Aquaphor, I'm not sure how soon you can use. It creates a barrier and prevents the loss of moisture.

    Hope this helps.