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Hello everyone!! Bob started his new chemo this past Wed. and it has been a rough few days for him. He was off chemo for about 7 weeks. He was hoping that this type would be easier on him but it didn't happen. He went to the Dr.today for his bloodwork and the test showed that it hit his bone marrow very hard. So they gave him a few shots to boost everything hopefully they will do there job!! He is feeling better now it took about 4 days after the treatment ended for him to start getting around. I am glad that I can finally get him to start eatting again. That is always a good sign. He is hanging in there. He is looking forward to going to the Road Agents Car Show in July up in East Hartford, CT. He said that he is going even if he has to sleep all the way up there. Our son's in the club and he said that they have everything set up for his Dad there. It will be great to get away and have his mind on the old cars which he loves very much. I will try not to worry to much.

I just want to thank everyone for all of the support that all of you have given us for the past 7 months!!!! It is PRICELESS!!!

Believe it or not but Bob is letting me drive his 55 Olds. up with his brother in his 52 Chev. bring up the rear. A couple of our friends will be following us up in their cars so we are going to have our own road rally. Please keep the prayers coming so he feels good for the trip!!

Thank You All Very Much!!!!

Sue and Bob


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    Hiya Sue n Bob--tell Bob that kanga n Jen in OZ are sending our best wishes to him.We hope his health improves enough to allow him to enjoy the car show.The odd day or two that the chemo "dreaded feeling" let up on me I took to tha road on my big m/cycle tourer--n let 'er rip!
    Oh--what a feeling to be free for a little while--hey Bob!!!!--yu'll be fine once yu get behind tha wheel!!!!!!!!!
    BTW--I just happen to own a "pommy car"--a 1928 Austin 7--which I have built over 10 years--fancy that mate--we r both revheads!!!!!
    You "pamper" him Sue n make sure he grows strong enuph ta get there!!!!
    love n huggs from kanga n Jen
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    Hello Sue & Bob:

    Have a wonderful time and please try to put this whole cancer thing out of your minds for a few days...or at best, to the very back of your mind. Believe me when I say that if you can accomplish one or the other of the above, you will come back rip, roaring, and ready to go at it again because life is precious and a wonderful, wonderful gift. Be safe and Bert and my prayers are with you both.

    Monika & Bert in Southern California who had a rip roaring time in Europe a few weeks ago. It was just grand!!!!
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    Sorry to hear that this round of chemo did not agree with him and hopefully his future one's they will be a lot easier.
    Glad to hear that he is feeling better. Have a wonderful time at the road race. We live about an hour from east hartford, so I will keep my eyes out for that Chevy on I84.
    Have a wonderful Fourth of July.