pickles123 Member Posts: 47
Anyone know when you can start drinking after chemotherapy? I am 21 year-old and I would like drink alcohol and to be brutally honest get drunk occasionally. I always feel so left out when I go out with my friends.


  • Heatherjb
    Heatherjb Member Posts: 27
    My doctor told me that it was only during Chemo that I couldn't have alcohol. She never said anything after that, but I would definately run it by your Oncologist.
  • Ronnie10
    Ronnie10 Member Posts: 20
    Hey, I am about to turn 22 in a week, and I finished my treatments about a month ago. I feel the same way...I have drank a few times the last few weekends and felt fine. My doctor said only during chemo not to drink. I have done a lot of research online about it. It seems to say that unless you have 2 or more drinks every day, it will not hurt you. Only 5% of serious alcoholics put themselves at risk of getting cancer. Now obviously, we are just social drinkers and would not even need to worry about drinking that much. I think it is ok. I just eat really really healthy all week so if I cheat and drink once in a while I feel ok about it. I would still check with your doctor anyway. If you do, let me know what they say! :)