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I posted a few days ago about possible bone marrow mets and unfortunately, the bone marrow biopsy confirmed that the cancer has spread to my marrow.
So I will be doing Taxotere now (every 3 weeks). I did Taxol the first go around in '01 and was wondering if anyone else out there has done Taxotere. What were you side effects and how was it compared to Taxol?



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    I was diagnosed with bone mets 3 years ago. I opted to treat with radiation, right arm and low back. Been stable till 10/03 when met in arm became active again, had it radiated again. Fortunately the met is gone, but the bone broke, and is STILL broken. For me though...8 months later, it's a small price to pay, well fairly small. I figure I'll trade a tumor for a broken bone anyday. Just giving you food for thought, there are alternative ways to treat besides chemo. although chemo may be the way for you.
    God bless.
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    I think you and hummingbyrd are talking about two different bone mets. You mentioned bone MARROW mets which requires chemo. Taxotere is supposed to be a little better than taxol and I wish you well. I had the first go-around in '01 also. Then return in '03. :-(

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    I had 4 rounds of taxotere, finished in Feb. '04. My biggest problem with it was numbness and tingling in my hands and a very painful skin rash on my hands and affected arm. I hope all goes well for you!!

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    Hi i was on taxoter for ahwile but it really didnt do anything for the cancer and know we are doig taxole.Taxatear was much esair i was able to work all the way throught those treatments.On taxol i am wiped out most of the weekend after treatments.I wish you the best of luck bunnie
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    Hi. I had Taxotere. I went once a week for 12 weeks. The side effects are similar to that of Taxol (as my oncologist said) since I think they are sort of derived from the same plant or something like that. The biggest nuissance to me was my eyes were tearing from the drug. (The joke from my oncologist was...that's how they got the name Tax-o-tear. My eye doctors advice was that I should have had eye drops to use, to keep my tear ducts moist while going through chemo. You just might want to ask if there is something that you can do to prevent the tearing. I also reccommend researching the drug through the drug company (I can't remember but it might be Astra Zeneca). Towards the end of my chemo, I had incredible fatigue, but that was a good sign the oncologist said, because that means the drugs were working. Taxotere is supposed to be a wonder drug, It has been successful in Lung cancer and now Breast Cancer. I wish you all the best and my thoughts are with you. I hope I helped you a bit.
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    dear bpc, I had taxol with my first breast cancer, the side effects were severe leg and pelvic cramps for 3-5 days after each treatment. last yr, 3 yrs later- I got another completely different primary cancer in the other breast, and unfortunately a far worse one ...inflamatory. It was spread thruout half my breast. This time they gave me taxotere. I didn't have any cramps or leg pain at all,I was amazed! So for me, the taxotere was so much better than the taxol, the only side effects from chemo this time was fatigue and diareaha which I learned to control with Imodiom AD. Four weeks ago, I had a mastectomy and there was no discernable cancer in anything they removed including all the lymph nodes. so the chemo did it's job with lots of help from God!