Breast Cancer After Hodgkin's

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Hi everyone, My name is Alicia.
I was treated for HD in 1991 with a combination of radiation and chemo (ABVD). I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. IS there anyone else out there that's gone through the same thing? I'm trying to make some treatment decisions and am looking to correspond with others in my situation.

It's unfortunate that the treatment for HD might have caused this, but I'm optimistic that everything will be fine when the treatment is over.

Best regards,
Alicia S.


  • simonbelle
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    Hi Alicia,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are going for round two. I pray all will be well for you! My daughter is going through ABVD right now and is deciding about radiation or not. It your situation that we are most concerned about. I was wondering if your oncologist feels this is a direct link to the radiation you received for the Hodgkins? Please know we will pray for a good report for you.
  • janet21
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    Hi Alicia,

    I hope you are still in need of information on this question. This is my first time in the ACS Chat Room, so please be patient.

    Anyway, I'm a 38 year old female that had HD back in the early 1980's. Treatment back then was quite a bit different than over the last 10-15 years. In any event, yes, I too was diagnosed with Breast Cancer after HD. Although my Breast Cancer was approx. 20 years after my HD. In the early 80's, they treated my HD with Radiation (full mantle) and Chemotherapy (MOPP). It's my understanding that my Breast Cancer could've been due to the massive Radiation treatment I had. However, I can't really get a doctor to fully agree with me. I've read several things on the Internet that state that Breast Cancer can be one of the secondary cancer's HD Survivor's can get.

    Hope I've helped,