news today 6/24-how SAD

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Some more news on biopsies - modern , faster, amd cheaper. Add JER2neu and here sit me and many others who MIGHT have done better.
Health - Reuters

Needle Biopsy Linked to Breast Cancer Spread
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Having breast cancer tissue sampled with a needle seems to increase the odds that disease will also be found in an armpit lymph node called the sentinel node, new research suggests.

The spread of breast cancer to the sentinel node adversely affects a woman's survival and influences the treatment received.

As reported in the Archives of Surgery, Dr. Nora M. Hansen of the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John's Health Center, Santa Monica, California hypothesized that the method used to obtain specimens from the breast tumor might influence the spread of cancer to the sentinel node.

To investigate, the researchers studied 663 women with proven breast cancer. Of the cancers, about half were biopsied with a needle, while the remainder involved actual removal of the tumor.

Woman who had a needle biopsy were about 50 percent more likely to have cancer in the sentinel node than women who underwent tumor removal.

The researchers suggest that the increased risk of sentinel node disease may be "due in part to the mechanical disruption of the tumor by the needle," and they call for further studies to confirm these findings.

SOURCE: Archives of Surgery, June 2004.

One never knows.


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    Jean, I said 4 years reference to my tumor
    "slice it, dice it, put it in a blender after you cut it out, but DON'T nick it while inside of me!"
    Naturally, they laughed at me, but hey they laughed at the man who said stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria.
    Medicine is called a practice for a reason. Personally, I think they should change it from medical practice to medical practical.
    A little common sense goes a long way.