Instestional strictricture Broke

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Hi eveyone I had been a little down in the dumps after May 25 when I went to the hospital for a colonoscopy with dialation and my intestine broke. I knew this was a risk because I was recieving colonoscopies with dialation every 6 months for a stricture that developed last year 2 years after my radiation for stage 3 colon cancer. I now have a temporary colostomy that will be reversed in September. I think I have now handle the situation well. Being a 2 time survivor of cancer Breast 1999 and colon 2001. I would like to know if anyone gets that feeling of having to have a bowel movement from the rectum even though you have a colostomy. I find it a strange feeling but I am getting use to that also. I just want to say I have learned to go on no matter what, but each surgery has taken its toll on me. Iam a young 49-smile Livin.