Recurring Hodgkin's Disease - treatments

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I am on this site tyring to find out some information for my friend who is about to start her 4th series of treatment. She had chemo and radio the first time, chemo and a stem cell transplant (her own spem cells) the second, chemo the third and the disease came back within 4 months of the last chemo. Her doctors here in N Ireland and England are starting her on chemo again next week and she will have it every 4 weeks for five days for a period of six months then they plan to do a (MUD) graft to host transplant which they say has a 1 in 3 chance of working. If it doesn't work it will either kill her or give her such bad side effects that she will have no quality of life. Has anyone out there ever had this host transplant or do you know of any other treatments which may be offered in the USA or elsewhere. She has been fighting this disease since she was 19 and she is only 30 now and is a single mum with a 13 year old boy. Please please please if you can help me please do I would really appreciate it. Hopefully yours.


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    Since you are in Ireland, I would suggest maybe looking into an oncologist in New York - I know that there is a well known cancer center there - you might want to jump on the chat section of this site and ask there are a few people there that are from NY and who can give you names of hospitals/centers that might be able to help.
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    I to have have had hodgkin's 4 times and my treatments sound alot like you freinds. Well mine went chemo and radiation. Then chemo then chemo and stemcell transplant with my stemcells. Then also like your freind it came back rather quickly. I ended up having the last translpant with a donor's cells. That was two years ago. My cancer was chemo restistant and it was my only chance to live. I had a minimilo eblative transplant. I was out of the hospital in 3 weeks and I felt better than I had in 4 years. There are risks with that type of transplant though the risk of graft vs. host disease is very high but as you can tell I am doing fine. i hope that I have helped you some and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.