Grandma 047(Judy)-update

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My email today from Stacey(Judy's daughter)
Judy went back into theatre for surgery to remove the infection causing so much trouble.They did so and hope they have got all the infection.They have flushed her with antibiotics and she is now recovering.She still has some bleeding coming out of the drain they put in but they are hoping this will subside.Judy is in quite a bit of pain.Stacy will let us know her progress.
Our love and prayers are with her and Stacy.
kanga n Jen


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    Again, thank you for the update. It is humbling to hear what others have to go through. Let Stacey know that my prayers continue for them both. Judy
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    Please tell Judy and her daughter, Stacy, they are in my prayers and thoughts. Yes, I agree with Judith (the other Judy)that it is very humbling to know what others have to go through. I am very sad for her and all she is having to go through. Hopefully, she can now recover fully.

    Thanks Kanga for keeping us updated.

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    Thanks for the update kanga. I hope and pray for a smooth and thorough recovery for her.

    Take care of yourselves Kanga & Jen,

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    Thanks Kanga! Our love and prayers to Judy and her daughter.

    Monika & Bert
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    thanks k & j

    peace, m