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my sister, 33, was just now diagnosed with stomach cancer as it was discovered during surgery to remove part of her colon because there was cancer there. They were going to put a bag and did but they also discovered that the cancer had came from the stomach. She has gone one round of chemo and is starting to lose her hair. I want to do everything I can to help her. Who else has been diagnosed with this type and what is your advice? I've been reading alot on the web and if the chemo doesn't work I want to try to find something else that might help. Its been a month since her operation and discovery and I would do anything to take her place. If anyone has any news whether good or bad it might help. Are there other treatments besides chemo? Any bit of news helps. God bless you all!


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    So sorry to read of your sisters struggles. I hope she is recovering well. I am not familiar with linitus plastica. My cancer was adenocarcenoma. But, if it gives you some hope, my surger was in fall of 02, followed by chemo and radiation. I continue to be cancer free. Keep hopeful!!
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    On April 7 2005 My sister lost her battle with cancer. She was never in much physical pain. Her suffering was being bed ridden and throwing up. She had no appitite in her last few months and couldn't eat anything. Her last full meal was on my birthday in late november. She was doing very well from the time she was diagnosed in may of 2004. She had put on weight and was living a normal life. After the 6 months of chemo she was still doing very well. She had to take an endoscope to check the cancer in her stomach. She went in with an appitite and came out throwing up. She was never the same after that. She went a whole month of barely being able to hold down a sip of water and lost 25 pounds before she decided to check into the hospital. X rays showed that she had a "partial blockage" in her stomach. They put her on another round of the same chemo (7th) since the new chemo didn't work for the prior three weeks. That was the chemo where she would go to her oncologist and they would give it to her once a week through IV. That was three weeks on one week off. That didn't do her any good thats why they put her back on the original chemo treatment where she would carry a bag for a week and rest the next three. I don't know the names of her chemo treaments but the bag kept her cancer in check and made alot of the cancer in in her abdomen go away. She was stage 4 when she was diagnosed. After a three week hospital stay the blockage supposaly went down. The results from the endoscope showed no blockage but yet the was throwing up and X rays showed a partial blockage. In other words, I would bet my soul, that something went wrong with the endoscope. I mean, after 6 months of chemo the status in her stomach didn't change. But one last round of chemo removed a partial blockage? Plus as I said before, the endo scope showed no blockage. Had the physicians tried to help her instead of turning her away and worrying about a lawsuit she might still be here today. I don't know what they do during an endoscope or why they wont let anyone in there to watch, but my advice to you would be to take a simple cat scan or x ray to check the cancer in your stomach after you've gone through chemo. My sister, within three hours went from having an appitite and being able to drink and eat, from throwing up endlessly. There is no lawsuit. We're trying to move on with our lives never forgeting about her. We will all meet up in the Kingdom that jesus spoke of and God forgive the physicians that were more worried about saving money and a lawsuit, than saving or extending my sister's life. God bless all of you and stay strong.