couldnt make it too work

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Hi all well last friday was my first round of taxol and it has kicked my butt.yesterday had lots of joint pain and a hard time breathing could barley walk and then today i wasnt able to make it too work.Iam hoping to make it tommorow.Iam so tired of doing chemo this is the third time in a year that i have done chemo iam so ready to give up.Iam beging to think that God has other plans for me.If this one doesnt work iam done what happens after that happens.Thanks for listeing you guys have all beeen so much help.All keep everyone posted.Love Bunnie


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    Hi Bunnie,
    I had 8 rounds of chemo, taxol was the last four. I remember having to crawl up the stairs to put my kids to bed. Terrible joint pain and nothing seemed to relieve it. The good thing was that only lasted a couple of days and I have not had any joint pain since. I found taxol to be better tolated as far as feeling sick, but also found it was the chemo that made me lose my eyebrows and eyelashes!
    Take it easy and listen to your body.
    Good luck and let me know how you make out.
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    When I was on Taxol (4 treatments after 4 A/C) it wiped me out. Going to the grocery store was physically and mentally exhausting. You will get through it. I had such joint and muscle pain that I laid on the couch all weekend and took percocets to get through. It does get better! Keep your chin up!

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    Hi Bunnie, if you feel that you can make it to work tomorrow then you are already feeling better. But if the pain and tingling persists for more than a week, don't feel that you have to continue. In my case I stopped after the first Taxol and I am now a 6 year survivor. About 5% of patients do not tolerate Taxol well and should stop. I still have lingering burning sensations in my hands and feet that would have only gotten worse if I had continued.
    You are in my prayers.