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I hope there is someone out there that can give me the information I need.
I am a Reach to Recovery volunteer and I have a lady who is going for a mammogram Monday because she found a large lump. We are in Illinois and she has no insurance. The Illinois Breast and Cervical program will pay for everything until a diagnosis of breast cancer is made. The cost of any chemo or radiation is not covered through that program. Is there any program or grant that could help her out if she would need further treatment?
I came to this forum because you ladies have experience and ideas. I will contact the ACS tomorrow, but it never hurts to have several suggestions.
I hope and pray she doesn't need the information I am requesting.


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    Janet, I'm in Illinois also. One organization that may be of some help in some ways (though not really financiall?) is the Patient Advocate Foundation. www.patientadvocate.org I contacted them when I thought I might have a problem with my insurance. (I didn't.)

    Have you ever called the National Cancer Institute? 1-800-4-CANCER www.nci.nih.gov I did a few times. It's a very good source of information. I believe they sent me (but I didn't keep) a list of organizations (by state) which can help an individual when diagnosed with cancer. Good luck!
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    Hi, I also live in IL. and I have no medical insurance as far as a mamo goes the local health depts usually cover the cost of a mamo. as far as chemo, what they did for me was contacted the maker of the chemo and meds i would be using.They will then send the medication to where the chemo willbe given. She will need to mention this to the nurse or doc. so they can get the paper work going. Also you may need to talk to the hospital to see if they have a charity program that will take care of most of the bills otherwise you she may have to file bankrupsy after everything is done. i hope that helps thanks and God bless